19 November 2017

Avicii’s Audio Visual Intricacies In “Hey Brother”

Today’s Music Monday offering is an amazing blend of audio and visual. I love the song as it is, but after watching the video it takes on a completely different meaning. I guarantee once you’ve watched it through once you’ll watch it again at least once. It’s one of several that I have on repeat. […]

Listen To The GRAMMY Awards 2014 Winners Music Playlist

We’ve just had the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards wrap up a few hours ago. I wanted to put together a compilation of the award winners? The results I’ve taken from the official GRAMMY site. As with any tastes, we won’t have the same, so feel free to discuss the music, but don’t look too deeply […]

If Jesus Were Born Today

So tomorrow is Christmas. Everywhere around the world, Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, 2011 years ago*. It is a time of rejoicing, family and celebration. People give gifts to commemorate the gift-giving by the Magi We hang tinsel in honour of the story of the spider that protected Jesus, Mary & Joseph […]

7 Ways To Destress Without Spending Money

This is a guest post by Ally Tobias from Comparison Finder. Ally is part of the team that manages personal finance blogs based in Sydney, Australia, which provide tips about saving money and budgeting spreadsheet. Before joining the team, she was a Media Planner in McCann Worldgroup Philippines, Inc., with award-winning executions, including the Levi’s […]

Are You Structured Or Unstructured?

Today I was filming a segment for a product I’m launching with Stephen De Sede. I admit, I struggled at the beginning with direct-to-camera in a professional studio. It wasn’t that I was nervous (I wasn’t) or that I didn’t know what to say (we had discussed it). We didn’t have a script, which in […]