19 November 2017

Middle Ages – Red Tape Strikes!

How is this for a bad case of red tape gone too far –

In the Middle Ages, a group of church guys decided that a particular Pope was guilty of heresy. The only problem was … the Pope had died and was buried EIGHT DAYS EARLIER!

The ritual for making someone a heretic in those days was to bring them before the Council, sit them on a chair and tell them they were wrong (like a quiet word in the ear wasn’t enough!).

So these guys grabbed a spade and dug the Pope from his grave, sat his bones on a chair and said “You were wrong when you said this and that – you are now a heretic”. Can you imagine the smell!?

This is a lesson to anyone who takes themselves too seriously 😛


  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s crazy! Why would they do it when he was already dead? Was there more reasoning behind it?

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