19 November 2017

Design Your Own Comic Strip

In my endless quest to find different ways of engaging with people and spicing up our online experience, I came across Bitstrips.com. It basically is an engine to assist you create your own comic strips. It’s easy to use and has lots of great features.

To give you an idea, I created a mildly amusing (in my biased opinion) strip involving my wife and I…

You can create characters and save them to your author profile, which makes building a series a piece of cake. If you can create a Mii on Nintendo Wii, you’ll have no difficulty here. If you don’t know what a Mii is, this might be a little more difficult at first to get your head around, but you’ll be off in no time.

There are so many applications for this – what a great way to create your own content for your sites, rather than just relying on creative commons. You can unlock all that potential and tell your own stories in a punchy, meaningful way, reinforcing your message.

You’ll be seeing more of this in the future. 😀


  1. 😀 This is awesome!

    The strip I knew was http://stripgenerator.com/ but the one you found tops the mountain.

  2. Nice comic!

    You could also check out http://www.toondoo.com, another cool comic strip creator with loads of inbuilt characters and backgrounds.

    Keep up the comics!

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