Shaving Your Head Is Empowering


How’s my hair today? Alright?
Make up on point?
I shaved my head awhile ago
Not proper shave
more like a number zero cut
feels good
coz I was going bald
so that wasn’t much fun having my hair thinning up the top there
but now…
I was really nervous about doing it, about cutting off all my hair
coz, you know, never had no hair before
never experimented, didn’t try long hair or anything like that
so having a radical change was, well, quite radical
but I found that when I did cut my hair, lop it all off, I guess
I found that really freeing
It was weird
I watched a couple… thinking about it, trying to decide what I was going to do
and then I think I…
the moment that I was like, “you know what, let’s just do it”
that moment I saw an interview was Justin Timberlake,
he, I don’t know, was on one of those talk show things
and he appeared on that and his head was pretty much the same as mine is now
and I was like “if Justin Timberlake can look good doing it, what’s the worst that can happen?”
I was at the point where I was hating any photos being taken of me,
particularly from above, because it was like this ring around here
and I tried minoxidyl and all these different things to try and regrow my hair
but nothing seemed to work
you know, the minoxidyl just kind of washed straight off
well not washed, but like fell straight off
didn’t really feel like it was soaking in or whatever
I didn’t wanna go with something like propecia,
think it was propecia, whatever is the biggest one
because some of the side effects that I was reading about
included infertility and yeah my hair’s not worth that
I don’t see myself as being particularly vain or whatever
having a video log might say different
but see the first video for why I’m doing this
It’s a struggle to even put myself out there
I don’t particularly like having photos taken of me or videos of me or all that
I don’t know, it’s just weird
but anyway, so
when I cut my hair off, I actually found it really satisfying
like I was feeling, not depressed, coz that’s more a clinical thing, I was feeling a bit down at the time
just, I don’t know, the effects of age
at my advanced 35 years catching up with me
and yeah it was weird. Anyway, so
I’d been feeling pretty down about it and I was like “you know what, let’s just do it”
seems to be my motto in life, “fck it, let’s do it”
or “fck it, just do it”
which is actually how I started this entire video log series
but once I, once I just started, I had the clippers at home already coz I have done my hair with those clippers for years
so just ripped off the guide and just went straight with the clippers
knocked it all off and I found that it was really satisfying and it was I guess a mind-shift change for me
so before it was “ok this is what’s happening to me, like I’m going bald, I’m losing my hair I guess”
that’s something that happened to me, but by taking control, by cutting off my own hair
it might sound silly, but I felt back in control again, as in
this is my choice to cut my hair off.
This is my choice to wear it like this, even tho, you know, there was some element of it being forced
but it was still a decision. Coz you know, you could, I guess you could do like the old school and have a combover, but ugh
or you could just kind of pretend or you know I mean you could, you could just let nature take its course
got a friend who, he’s lost everything through the middle there, looks fine, but that’s the way that he’s done it
I could’ve gone that way, got cousins who lost their hair really young
but I though “yeah, just do it, shave my head off, hair off”
and it was really quite freeing I guess, so
if you’re thinking doing that, just do it
I mean the worst that can happen is that in a couple weeks it’s all grown back and it’s all fine
I didn’t wanna go the full shaved with like a razor.
I’ve experimented with that since, but I dunno, it just seems like too much work
and I wanna focus on creating value for the world. Sounds like a lofty goal, but
Like I wanna be making stuff and not so heavily focussed on grooming and all that
never been into grooming, you can probably tell
so. yeah.
Happy that I cut my hair off
and I’ve kept it this way for awhile
it was a huge shock to people around me coz I didn’t tell anyone that I was gonna do it
just did it
and like I said, spur of the moment stuff
and when my wife saw me she was… it took her awhile to get used to it
but now she likes it, or at least she says she does
she says it makes me look stronger, which when you’re 6’4 looking bigger, stronger, meaner may not be the best thing
but it is what it is
Mum saw it and she freaked out, but, what are ya gonna do
People eventually stopped commenting on it
and a lot of people were just like, no comment not really much of a glance
it’s like alright this is who you are now
and I do see it like, hair is one of those weird things I think
that your identity can be tied up a little in it
I guess particularly if you’re a woman
the way that you style your hair or colour it or whatever
maybe says something about you. I dunno
or maybe it’s more that it, we feel that it says something about us
it’s a bit of a statement, something that we’ve got control over
like we can’t change the colour of our eyes, easily
we can’t change our skin colour, but we can change our hair colour, style, all that kinda stuff
so I guess that’s something that people kinda put their mark on
and this is something that I’ve done
so there ya go

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